We all deserve clothes that fit

This collection is an act of love.

Gobez was established in March of 2023 with the goal of providing women with wide hip to waist ratios better workwear options. Saron Theodros, Founder and CEO of Gobez, experienced extreme fit issues throughout her marketing career in the tech and cybersecurity industry. When she became a Director at her former company, the need for comfortable, versatile and polished workwear became an even bigger challenge. 

From the Founder: “There were so many days I didn’t feel confident due to my clothing - important presentations and leadership meetings further increased this discomfort and anxiety. In April of 2023, I left my job to solve this problem for women dealing with similar challenges. Workwear options for our body type felt like an afterthought, often defaulting to extremely tight and stretchy material or unflattering oversized options that hid my figure. I got so tired of it and felt it was finally time to do something about it”. 

Prior to her fruitful sales and marketing career, Saron walked the runway for local up and coming designers in her home state of Minnesota, and worked as a Fashion PR Intern in Soho, NY. She felt this was a great opportunity to marry her love for fashion with her corporate and leadership experience.

Saron hopes to make all clothes inclusive for women with a wide hip to waist ratios, starting with workwear - helping women live a better, more efficient life. "Data is powerful, and we plan to use it to create a more inclusive size guides for all women."

Want to help make that a reality?